Friday, May 22, 2009

My personal shopper

My mother (affectionately known as "Honey" to my boys) is the queen of thrift shopping. She's been doing it forever, and she has one of those eagle eyes. She taught me well through the years. As a young professional, though, my interest waned. I would hit a thrift store every now and then, but it wasn't really a way of life. I can even name one or two towns we lived that I never even found the thrift store!!! And, unfortunately, as I got my brain back and my interest was renewed, I started having babies. Thrifting with little kids? Not as easy as when you are alone.

That's why I am SOOOO thankful for my mom. Every once in a while, Frequently, I email her blogs with pictures of things that I like so she can spot cool stuff for me. I love to email her posts from Like Merchant Ships. Meredith has awesome style. Probably the closest to my style that I've sent in the blog world. It's a classic mix of traditional and vintage coolness. Think Southern Living meets etsy. In a good way.

This week, I was reading along at The Handmade Dress, and I had to have those pyrex bowls! She leans toward the aqua and pink, but my childhood memories included the bright primary colored ones. I already owned the yellow and blue ones, so I emailed my mom to find me the red and green ones.

The next day? She brought them to me, already purchased and waiting for me. My blue bowl is somewhere, um, not able to be found. Probably filled with matchbox cars somewhere.

Aren't these colors beautiful?

And filled with strawberries? Doesn't that make you want to dive in?

And, every now and then, my personal shopper surprises me with cool stuff like these sunglasses to catapult me into a little bit better style.

Thanks for thinking of me while you thrift, Mama! You're the best!


tammy said...

Oh, look at you! You are stylin' with those shades. What a great mom you have! :) Love the bowls, too.

Anonymous said... are the best daughter in the whole world....LOLOLOL and I have another blue one if you don't find yours.. those sunglasses are way thing I know you will be on project runway! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool shades and cool bowls!!! A+ to your mama!!