Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Before and After

I'm sure you've heard of cutting hair at home as a great frugal tip. As a kid, I had long straight hair (funny...some things never change), and my mom always cut my bangs and trimmed the back. The Tightwad Gazette recommended cutting everyone's hair at home. And, just yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers reminded us of how much money it saves (have you priced haircuts recently?).

So, with all that motivation, we're good frugal people, and we cut Will's hair at home.

Um, disclaimer here.

Will is my spirited child. When it came time to cut his hair for the first time, we were scared. Really scared. Would he throw a conniption fit? Run screaming from the salon? Force us to travel a hundred miles to a place no one recognized us? So, we did what any good parent would do.

We went to Walmart.

We got some fabulous Wahl clippers, put ole' Will on the back porch, and we went to town. We've been cutting his hair ever since.

Last night was haircut night. And, true to form, the tears start even before one hair is trimmed.

But, with a little ice cream cone bribery, we make it through the haircut.

And, a few more tears and a shower later, he's good to go in his Superman jammies.

be sure to notice the ever-present Matchbox cars in that right hand
And I didn't even need to wear a paper bag over my head in the salon.


tammy said...

You guys did a good job! He is absolutely adorable in his before AND after shot. :)

Anonymous said...

He's too cute for words!! And..I am enjoying your blog!!