Monday, May 18, 2009

Meal Plan

This week, corn is still on sale 4/$1, and the farmers' market is starting to hop. Local greens are in season, and I have a fridge full of them. Added to the ones I bought, I also pilfered some from my mom's garden. She had beautiful baby beet greens and chard. Her garden is beautiful this year, as is my husband's. I can't wait for July and the tomatoes!

Friday: roasted veggie and ground pork tacos

Saturday: cookout for lunch (contributed black bean/corn salad and brownies), take-out for supper

Sunday: biscuits and gravy for brunch, out for Mexican for a late lunch, no supper

Monday: gumbo z'herbes, rice, salad with tiny roasted baby beets

Tuesday: stir-fry with tofu and broccoli, rice

Wednesday: roasted veggie enchiladas (with leftovers), salad

Thursday: garlic pork and kale sausage, cooked into pasta with eggplant and tomatoes, salad


Momstart said...

Your meals sound so yummy

basketlover93 said...

Betsy, Your menu's always fascinate me! I love reading them, and your blog.