Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Exciting Week

Instead of living the very exciting week of blogging and facebooking, MOPS and grocery shopping, I've spent the week in the hospital, recovering from pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery. I think that I'm on my way to recovery now, and I foresee a low fat diet in my future.

Hopefully soon my blog will be back to normal, with lots of healthy, new, gallbladder friendly recipes to share.

I'll tell you, this week, I learned that I am very, very thankful for a husband that dropped everything to be at my side, my parents that dropped everything to care for my boys (including a never-had-bottle-in-his-life baby) for 3 nights, and for really good medical care. My pre-op nurse was someone I went to nursing school with. Seeing her familiar face in a scary time, as well as having my brother drop by to see me unexpectedly? Totally worth driving an hour to the hospital that we choose to use. That turkey sandwich they fed me for lunch today (after 3 1/2 days without food)? That was a pretty darn good turkey sandwich, too. So, I'm thankful for a great family and for turkey sandwiches.

It'll always be about the food. LOL


tammy said...

You can forget the gallbladder friendly diet now since your gallbladder is no longer with you. :) Dh has been able to eat anything he wants...hopefully the same is true for you. However...a focus on healthy eating is still a good idea. :) Glad you're back!!

also..check out the creative snack Kristin made for us on my blog.

Candi said...

Just found your blog...looking forward to hearing more from you about the kroger bargain for the gall bladder surgery, keep it low fat for a while...had mine removed at 16 yrs old...been almost 20 yrs now. You'll do just find.