Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thankfully, this year wasn't a big milestone year. I can remember freaking out about a few of those before, and I've told myself that I wouldn't do it again (ahem... I may be lying to myself... don't remind me at the next milestone).

But, this year was just an ordinary birthday, and this morning, I was reflecting on the changes that have occured in the last year. A few of them, in no particular order:

--I gave birth to our second son. What a cutie he is and what a bright spot he adds to our lives. I didn't realize that babies would cuddle and give hugs so readily. He's a sweetie.

--I learned to bake biscuits. Not so much for frugality, but just because darn it, I should be able to make biscuits. Bread, biscuits, and dumplings have always been my nemesis. Bread is still out there, but my biscuits are pretty darn good. I have to give props to Mike for putting up with some particularly hideous ones along the way.

--I was reminded over and over again that God is so very faithful. From energy at the 4pm slump to getting our tax refund check the day before the car insurance was due, God is faithful. I have called out to Him many, many times this year, and He has always answered. It's a lesson repeated many times over my lifetime, but it's been the major lesson of the last year. I am not alone. And, I'm so happy that that is very true.

--I started blogging. When I was a kid, my mom wrote stories. I didn't quite get it then, but I now understand the need to just get some of your thoughts out in a written form. Lucky for me, in the click of the mouse, all the world can see what I am thinking about (I'm not sure everyone would agree that this is a good thing...there are probably some traumatized people that stumbled upon my blog).

--I had my gallbladder out and a nasty scare with pancreatitis. I was hospitalized for 4 long days. It was the first time that my 9 month old had been away from me. He did fine. I realized that there will come a day when I might even leave him overnight without a hospital being involved (hasn't happened yet, but it might..)

--My husband took a job that has him home every night. This is a new thing for our marriage. We dated long distance, I worked nights and weekends for years, and he was a travelling man for a long time. After working out some kinks along the way, I'm liking having him home every night. And not just because I can run get milk all by myself at 7:30 at night.

--I lowered my grocery budget, and we survived the transition. It's still not as low as some of the amazing people on the internet, but it's low enough for our budget, and it's a savings from what it was before. And we're eating better than ever.

--I am getting to enjoy some amazing years with my boys. I never thought of myself as a "boy mama", but here I am, with two of the crazy little suckers. I'm learning to play with trucks, I have the movie "Cars" memorized, and I don't yell (much) when pointing out a worm on the sidewalk. I wouldn't trade this adventure for the world.

--I've learned to prioritize some quiet time for me. Whether it's a hot bath at the end of the day or some quiet time blogging at nap time, there is time every single day that is all about me. Some days were easier than others, for sure. And, some Saturdays I escaped the house for many hours. Each day was a little different. But, that time spent caring for me has made it easier to care for others.

Thirty-three was a good year. I'm looking forward to what thirty-four brings!

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