Monday, July 6, 2009

What's for supper??

I think it'll be very obvious from this week's menu that we are knee deep in cucumber and zuchinni season. Every time we have cucumbers, I cut up 3 or 4, so it's not that I'm eeking out a paltry amount. My mother's vines are insane. Our garden is a bit shadier, and my husband is a bit of a late planter, so our plants look good, but no cucumbers yet. We have had zuchinni from our plants, though, and it was fabulous! We're still waiting on the first red tomato, but it should be soon. There are tons of beautiful green ones all on the vines. Last night, I was joking that it looked like a tomato jungle out there, and it really does. We also have tomatillos that are looking good, so we'll have those pretty soon.

Our lettuce is gone, as is the spinach. We're harvesting the Chinese cabbage, bok choy, and mustard this week.

Friday: squash dressing, cucumbers (dh also had leftover chicken salad)--and yes, this is so good that all I ate was squash casserole. LOL

Saturday: onion rings--I know that sounds crazy, but they were from the Varsity and really, really good(lunch), hamburgers, potato salad, corn (supper)

Sunday: corn chowder (lunch), zuchinni cakes, pasta, cucumbers (supper)

Monday: soup with black eyed peas, corn, zuchinni, mustard greens, and tomatoes; cornbread croutons (inspired by a weekly special from this fancy restaurant)

Tuesday: stuffed patty pan squash, cucumber salad, stir-fried bok choy

Wednesday: lasagna tart

Thursday: grits and grillades, zuchinni

As always, there are hundreds of other menus for inspiration over at orgjunkie. You're sure to find something that will whet your whistle!

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Nashville Cheapster said...

You have some great veggie ideas. I'll be checking back for ideas and recipes.