Saturday, July 11, 2009

The "I'm worn out" date night

My mom and I had a girls' day out yesterday. We had a great time!

My sweet husband stayed with out boys. Which meant that, for Saturday night, my plans of him grilling supper went out the window. Those boys wore him out. Muhahahaha.
Lucky for us, we had treats in the freezer. Tasty Korean dumplings.

Trader Joe's Orange Chicken (this is good stuff!)

And, if you are going to have orange chicken, what better to have with it that orange soda?? This is an experiment made with a thick syrup made out of orange KoolAid. It's not perfect, but it was pretty good. With a bit of tweaking, it'll be really good. (The seltzer/soda machine I bought for Mike from The Soda Club is one of our best purchases ever. It is so fun, and I don't have to lug annoying seltzer bottles home from the store anymore. Total win/win.)

The best part? A really tired husband is a husband that very much appreciates what I do day to day. Now that is perfect.

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Anonymous said...

tell Mike I appreciate him a lot...I so much enjoyed girls day out with you....I love you lots...Mama