Monday, August 3, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

After taking last week off from meal planning, I remembered how much I depend on it! Every day, I was checking the side of the fridge. What's for supper? What's for supper?? So, I'm back in force this week.

My fridge is full of produce to use this week. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, chard, bok choy, mustard, and even a handful of okra. My mom only lives an hour from us, but her house/garden is a little sunnier than ours, plus she plants early. So, we've enjoyed the bounty from her garden for some time now. As her cucumbers have wound down, ours have started producing.

I tell you, I am definitely spoiled, with both a husband and a mama that grow things for me to enjoy! And, I love the stretch of the seasons from both gardens.

Friday--out (lunch), Chinese chicken salad (supper)

Saturday--mini pizzas, cucumber and toamto salad (lunch), tacos (supper)

Sunday--(birthday party) hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, spinach dip, hummus, veggie plate, black bean/corn salad, mango limeade, Big Mac cupcakes, cookie fries

Monday--chicken cacciatore over polenta, cucumber and tomato salad

Tuesday--grits and grillades, squash and onions, cucumbers

Wednesday--Asian stir fry over ramen (the last of the bok choy!)

Thursday--red beans and rice (yum!), mustard, cucumbers and tomatoes

As always, orgjunkie has hundreds of posts with so many meal ideas! There's something for everyone.

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