Monday, August 24, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Friday: tacos, strawberry pretzel salad (also took dinner to a friend)

Saturday: OUT (lunch), boneless wings, spinach/artichoke dip (supper)

Sunday: leftovers (lunch), french toast, bacon (supper)

Monday: meatloaf, roasted tomatoes, green beans

Tuesday: chili rellenos, beans (these have to be made this week!!)--I'll post this recipe when I make them as well. Check back tomorrow!

Wednesday: thai beef, rice (also from Everyday Food)

Thursday: curry with cauliflower, okra, and tomatoes, rice (from this month's Everyday Food)

As always, orgjunkie has hundreds of other meal plans that people have come up with! Check them out!

1 comment:

tammy said...

How do you make your chili rellenos? Looks like a yummy week for you guys!! :)