Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Big Mac

It is crazy hot here. Truly the dog days of summer. And, every year, it catches me by surprise. This year, I saw it coming, but somehow, somehow, in my crazy brain.... I really thought that it would somehow be easier to have two little kids at home, inside, all day long. What was I thinking?? Being inside most of the time causes some kind of bizarre cabin fever, and by the end of the day, we're all loosing our minds. I've had to get more creative, be on my toes a little more, and well, shoot, this hot weather is hard work, just entertaining folks.

If there weren't beautiful tomatoes to compensate for the crazy days of summer, I'd consider asking God to skip ahead to September. But, I'll take a little crazy for tomatoes. This week. I think.

All that to say... We had a birthday party a week ago. And pictures are just now going up. There weren't many of us, I got too wrapped up in everything going on to take all the pictures I wanted (there are none of grandparents!), but it was a fun time celebrating a special baby boy that we adore. Happy Birthday Mac!

a special birthday outfit
even the blocks got in on the action
our centerpiece


more cupcakes packaged for home delivery. Honey and Pappy couldn't make it, due to a laboring dog. So, on Monday, we packed up and hand delivered some cupcakes.
french fry cookies
plates and napkins, just waiting
he loved this big ball, a present from Will
and he really loved getting to drink juice
my brother (the beloved "Uncle Jon") helping figure out a new toy
more juice. But this one shows those fabulous eyes
not quite sure what to do with the cupcake. He never did get into it. This picture also shows the appliqued and monogrammed bib, made by Honey. Very cute.
Will wouldn't eat his cupcake until everyone was out the door. Too exciting to have folks in his house, I suppose.
what was left of the veggie plate
spinach dip

the favorite black bean corn salad
opening presents

pleased with a very happy birthday

and a little visit from "scary Will"
Hope you enjoy your visit to our birthday!


LisaBW said...

Betsy, great pictures and the boys are as adorable as can be!

The big mac cupcakes are fabulous!! You're so talented.

Anonymous said...

Betsy, those cupcakes are sooo cute! What sweet pictures of your little guys.

Britt said...

This is too cute! The whole party theme is adorable, but those cupcakes and "french fries" are just too cute!