Monday, February 9, 2009

Bargain Meal of the Week


Over at $5 dinners, she is hosting a blog round up of folks planning meals from what is on sale this week at our local stores. I shop at several stores locally, with Publix and Kroger being my two closest. This week, at my Kroger (Georgia), this meal is what's on sale.

We're having beautiful spring weather here (highs in the 60s all week!), so a meal of chicken salad served on lettuce sounds perfect. This recipe for a lemon blueberry variation looks good.

Blueberries ( on sale $0.99/6 oz)--I'd just use one package in this recipe
Chicken breasts (on sale BOGO--approx. $2.50/lb)--use 1 pound for 4 people
Salad (on sale $0.99/bag)
Lemon (on sale $0.39)--I'd sub the zest and juice of a lemon, plus plain yogurt, for the lemon yogurt
Mayonaise--approximately $0.16 for 4 tablespoons
Yogurt--$0.38 for 3/4 cup plain

In this recipe, I'd probably leave the red bell pepper out this time of year (and eagerly look forward to all the beautiful peppers my dear husband is planting for me!)

Total cost for a taste of spring: $5.28

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