Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Happy Hour

Tonight's date night is simple. No movie. Maybe an episode of Law and Order. Probably not even that. Just some good conversation on our back deck before the rain comes through. Of course, it's with one of my favorite people, so not a bad way to spend my Friday night.

A theme? Hmm.... We'll keep with the simple foods of my childhood. Arnold Palmers (although back in the day there was no fancy name) and buttered saltines for happy hour. Have you ever had buttered saltines? They are one of those foods that are much more than the sum of its parts. So much more. Melted butter, garlic, and a little dried parsley. All spread on top of the humble saltine, then toasted until just browned. It's one of those things you'd walk past on a buffet. But, then, you'd be missing out. Cause they are just.that.good. Try 'em. You'll be a happier person for it.

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