Friday, February 20, 2009

Publix Bargain Meal February 19-25


Evidently computers need a power supply. Lucky for me, I have a fabulous computer guy in a crazy crowded junky little computer shop that gives you a bit of clausterphobia. Jason can fix anything in 30 minutes, for around 50 dollars. He's a gem. Because, evidently, a computer is really, really important to me. And, when I sat down to blog yesterday and instead heard a pop accompanied by a burning smell, well... It was a sad day.

Jason was true to his promise, though, and 30 minutes later, a new power supply, and I was good to go. Many thanks to my mom for entertaining my boys while that happened. She even took us to lunch to turn my day around! Woohoo! My mom is a gem, too.

So, a day late, here's the Publix bargain meal of the week. As always, Erin hosts a whole bunch of folks with their takes on the sales circular. I'm loving reading them every week. Even the ones from exotic stores like Giant Eagle and Hyvee. If you haven't been over there, check it out.

That said...this week Publix has an Italian theme to their sales. Not only that, but they sent out a $5 off $30 coupon. Woohoo! I'm headed there today. I'm checking out a new Publix in town that caters to a Mexican clientele. I'm excited. ( that weird? Excited about a grocery store? I'd blame it on the whole stay at home mom thing, but truth is, I've always loved grocery stores. Fascinating places, and, hands down, the best part of travel is checking out new stores. LOL)

This is one of my throw together meals. No real recipe. Just put it all in a pot any which-way, and it'll turn out. Browned sausage, wilted greens, pasta, and cheese. Really simple, really good, and very satisfying.

Italian sausage--on sale $2.50/pound-$1.25
Rapini--on sale-$1.99
Pasta--on sale-$0.70
Parmesan cheese--Sargento on sale $2/5 ounces-$1

Total price--$4.94

This is a meal that would be great with a salad or bread, but is pretty darn good plain, too. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

that sounds good and you know A GIRL NEEDS HER COMPUTER!! LOL love you

tammy said...

I understand the computer anxiety! Yea for Jason!! (bet you wanted to kiss him)

I love grocery shopping, too. Looking around, finding deals, finding new things to try, thinking of creative's all so much fun. :) Have fun and report back about the mexican geared Publix.