Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Junk food date night

If fried foods make your cringe, you might want to look away.

That said, sometimes I just like fried foods. Okay, if you define sometimes as every day that ends in "y". I'm a child of the south. Even though Paula Deen has a totally exaggerated accent, and she makes ordinary Tuesday food as if it's something special, well, she has a point about the butter and fried foods. The stuff is goood.

So, there you go.

The chief requirement for Saturday night date food is that it has to be "good". This is a hugely encompassing category, but hey, it's our at-home dates, so we can do whatever we want. *wink* This week, I decided that fried was the order of the day.

I made chicken nuggets and french fries. As an aside, when we got married, my husband didn't realize you could make french fries at home. His mother never, ever fried a single thing growing up. She would die if she saw this meal. My own mother? Well, I learned to fry from someone. I don't think she fries anymore, but back in the day? Let's just say that, as children, I didn't realize there were foods that couldn't be fried.

We decided to healthify our fried foods with salad. This is green leaf, cabbage, and green olives (we both love olives).

I just threw the chicken nuggets nad fries in the salad, along with honey mustard dressing.

So good! And the perfect meal for our date of watching a cheesy movie together on the couch. It might seem silly, but I really do love Saturday nights with the Tomato King. It's so much fun to think of a meal we'll enjoy and have time to just talk and enjoy his company. Even if we have to exhaust small children and drink a late afternoon coffee to make this happen. Totally worth it.

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