Friday, March 25, 2011

My Mom's House

Lately, I've been thinking about enjoying the beauty we find in the everyday. This season of life I'm in doesn't lend itself to lots of money to spend on pretty things, nor hours to spend in creative pursuits. But, what it does lend itself to is lots of time to observe the world around me. As my little boys take their time and figure out the world, I have plenty of time to look around and find the beauty around me. So, that's what I'm purposing to do.

Yesterday, we spent the day at my mom's house. Ah, glorious spring! I love, love, love spring in my hometown. When we lived in the mountains, spring was so very slow in coming. It was this incredibly long, drawn out process of one bloom here, one little sprout there, the promise of kale over there. Tedious and slow and a bit crazy making.

But here? Spring comes with a bang! One day, it's cold and winter, and the next? Spring is here! It's hot in the afternoons, you can hear the birds singing, and everything is in bloom. As it should be, of course.

And I'll leave you with my favorite shot...the promise of figs. Oh, figs, I can't wait!

So, go out today. See what you can find. There is beauty that needs us to find it. Look for it!

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Mona said...

love your pictures...I had such a good time yesterday..had written about it too..before I saw you bunches..