Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebration Date

Do you, too, have those competing voices in your head? The ones that say completely opposite ideas? This week, two of those ideas were competing. For some background, my husband works in a commission based job in a cyclical industry. Just what this routine-driven, wash every single Monday of my life, kind of girl loves. Or not. Typically spring and fall are boom times, with long, sparse winters. Last fall was uncharacteristically slow, though, so the commissions have been thin for a long time. This month, though, we got a big check. Best that he has seen since last May. And, I know that the Tomato King has worked really hard (and has changed positions within the company) to make that check happen.

So, the check came, and the voices started talking. I had Dave Ramsey over one shoulder. Pay off debt! Throw it at necessary things!! Debt, people! Debt!!

And over on the other shoulder, I had Gloria Gaither. Celebrate! Make a memory!

So, Gloria won, although in a way to make Dave proud, aka frugal zealot style.

Early in the afternoon, we took our family to Dairy Queen. It's my dear husband's favorite spot, and our family had a lot of fun celebrating his hard work. The baby and I are, of course, dairy free, so we enjoyed a Mr. Misty. It's not as good as ice cream, but unlike someone with a true allergy, I know that my ice cream free time is short, so I don't let myself think about it.

That night, our kids crashed early from their sugar high (hooray! Success!). We enjoyed Cinderella cocktails in my beloved vintage Tervis Tumblers.

With those, we had our favorite spinach dip. Always a winner, and yes, it's just the classic soup mix and water chestnut blend. The old school favorite coordinates with my vintage Tervis, of course.

And, we splurged on these fantastically beautiful t-bone steaks.

And Worcestershire braised mushrooms on the side.

We had such a fun night. After dinner, we watched a cheesy movie on The Tomato King's passion right now. Yes, folks, Dirt. A great end to a day all about celebrating a special guy's really hard work. Gloria was right. Making a memory is always the better choice.

Now, go! Go! Make a memory!!

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