Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan March 21

This weekend, I was down with a 24 hour bug that left me in the bed for, well, 24 hours. My husband is a great dad, a great husband, but, well, let's just say that for 24 hours, everyone ate what was easy and quick and didn't require a lot of work. I'm feeling so much better today, so we're back to our planned meals.

It's a good reminder to me, though, to make sure that I have the fixings for a few emergency, Dad can make them, meals on hand. For us, that's quesadillas, pancakes, and spaghetti. Always important to have in the house. :)

Friday--take out burritos
Saturday--fish tacos (lunch), take out (supper)
Sunday--quesadillas (lunch), spaghetti (supper)
Monday--hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw, wacky cake (taking dinner to an acquaintance with newborn triplets!)
Tuesday--red Thai curry over jasmine rice
Wednesday--pork chops, my mom's "brown rice", green vegetable, salad
Thursday--moros y cristianos (black beans and rice with a tomato/ground beef sauce)

As always, I'm linked to Meal Plan Monday over at orgjunkie. Lots of great ideas over there!

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