Sunday, June 14, 2009

The best $14 I've spent all month

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a local arts festival one Saturday morning. We stood in line for balloon animals, we walked around a cute downtown area, we helped our toddler make a cool mask, and we got talked into a subscription to The New York Times.

Y'all. It was like when they sign you up for credit cards as a freshman in college. All reason went out the window when we saw that shiny new travel coffee mug.

We had to own it.

So, we offered up our address, signed on the dotted line, then became new subscribers to a fancy (and I do mean fancy) big city newspaper.

And came home and freaked out. Did we have room in the budget for this? What were we thinking? This would mean that we had THREE newspapers to read every Sunday. Where would we find the time? And on and on.

But, then it came. And two weeks into our subscription, we've decided that it was very much worth it. And not only cause we look way cool drinking out of a New York Times coffee mug.

So, excuse me while I get back to reading my newspaper.

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