Monday, June 1, 2009

Date night

Saturday was a great day. Farmers' market in the morning, a little yard work during the day. Mama went to the library (alone!) at nap time, and everyone else in the house slept. We were all set for an at home date night with one of our favorites, Mexican chicken salad, and an episode of the old school 90210 on Netflix. (Our lofty summer goal is to watch old 90210s.)

And then...


There she was. A thing of beauty. More important, a cheap thing of beauty. We had talked about this purchase for years. We had finally set aside the money this February. And, in the last several months, we had seen very few come around in our price range, and even sadder, when they came around, they would be gone very, very quickly.

This was 6:15. The posting had been at 5:00. Would we be in time? Would we win the Craiglist lottery??

So, we threw the boys in the car. "Road trip!!" The big one said, "but, Mama, it's bedtime. Where's my chocolate milk?"

The little one just smiled.

And off we went. To find our beautiful, wonderful, fabulous new pop-up trailer!!

We've already made one trip to the Walmart camping section. More trips are sure to come. I looked at the thrift store for something to cover the twin foam mattress with yesterday (no luck, but I'll keep looking). We plan on taking our inagural camping trip in two weeks. And we can't wait!

Now that's a good date night.

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