Monday, June 1, 2009


In my family, we like to be pregnant. My boys have been 7 and 12 days overdue. And my poor, poor mother had me a whopping MONTH overdue. A friend recently went 18 days over. My heart extends to women past their due date. In all my time as a midwife, I tried to feel bad for them. But, now, I want to call every last one of them up and say, "" Being overdue makes you a crazy woman. Crazier than crazy, my husband would say.
My mother says that she went out to eat every single night for the entire month of June, concerned that it would be "the last time" she'd eat out before her baby came (clever...).
Yesterday was the day my mom was due 34 years ago. Which I guess makes it important that I start eating out in a nostalgic celebration.
And thank heavens that I didn't have babies as lazy as me.

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Anonymous said...

you were absolutely worth waiting that last month....EVERY DAY I thought you owuld you much....Mama