Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farmers' Market

Saturday mornings are our local farmers' market. We live in a large suburban county that likes to think of itself as many small towns. And, our house is mid-way between two of those "small" towns. They each have farmers' markets, and each of them has a different feel. I like to hit both of them. :)

This is the line at David's stand. His vegetables are just that good, and if you're not there by 8, he'll sell out of the really good stuff. This week, I held back and just got red cabbage there.
Beautiful zuchinni. We're lucky to have zuchinni both in our own garden and in my mom's garden. I have plans to become the zuchinni bread woman this year. I'm freezing it pre-portioned for bread, and every single covered dish this coming year is going to include zuchinni bread.
Look at these cute patty-pans! I couldn't resist them, and I have a few to cook up. Recipe as yet undetermined.
Kale is much prettier than it is tasty. We were members of a CSA one year that grew an excessive amount of kale. We got kale every single week for 20 weeks running. By about week 15, I was enjoying the beauty of kale in a vase all week. I considered it the flowers of the veggie box.

Radishes, beets, daikons, kohlrabi, and green beans. I love the colors and textures of everything.

And beautiful flowers.
My big boy loves the "outside farmers' market" because it's held in a local park. Lots of walking paths, and more importantly, a train track across the street. The train comes by at 8:22, so if we time it just right, we get to see the train on Saturday morning. He and Daddy run to watch it. Definitely a highlight of his week.

This week, we ended up with watermelon, cucumbers (two sizes), bell peppers, patty pans, potatoes, collards, spring onions, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

And that only supplements the things that we are growing in our garden--this week, we have lettuce, bok choy, chinese cabbage, turnips, mustard, the first zuchinni, and chard.

And cucumbers, squash, green beans, chard, and cute little eight-ball zuchinni from my mom's garden.

I dearly love this time of year! So much good food! So many ideas! So exciting!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE all your pictures..truly summertime in Georgia. :-)