Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date night, Tomato King Style

I dearly love my husband.

So...when he decides that he has the perfect activity for our date night, I just go with it. Saturday night, we spent the evening...tying up tomatoes. Yep, you got that right. Tying up all the tomatoes. There are 32 of them. Heaven help us.

The um, un-exciting, part of our date night was inspired by this beautiful produce that I picked up early in the week from my personal shopper. She just so happens to be my personal gardener as well (I like vegetables; I need two--her and my husband--good thing they both love me). Look at these beautiful little haricot verts. This is a test year for the tender long skinny green beans. I really enjoy them so far, and I'm not even a huge fan of green beans.

The lettuce in our own garden is a bit nutty this week, so a menu developed that ran with the lettuce and the haricot verts.

Tuna nicoise salad, served with french bread (hey, tuna nicoise is french, you know..)

And sparkling strawberry lemonade. (not as good as last week's blueberry basil version, but not bad, either)

To make up for the tomato tying, we watched a very, very girly movie. And another Saturday night ends with me happy with my choice of a husband.
Always a good thing.

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