Friday, March 27, 2009

Date night

Last week, date night was sucked into the black hole that exists with a tantruming toddler, a tired mama, and a baby that is learning to sleep through the night. I think we threw some food on the table, and, pretty much, as soon as the boys went to sleep, we went to bed, too. This is especially telling because little kids' bedtime is 7 pm in my house!

But, this week is better. The baby started sleeping through. The toddler seems to have had a better week. And mama is much, much, much less tired.

Thank goodness.

This week, we're having Barq's root beer and homemade pizza bites for happy hour treats. I've also got some slow oven-roasted pork going that smells insane. And, I made 3 different barbecue sauces to try with the pork.

I'm definitely got that whole "the way to a man's heart is through barbecue" thing going on tonight. And, finished before naptime is over. On a roll, man.


tammy said...

I love hearing about date night! You are being such a good wife and a great model to your children. :) Glad this week went better then last week!!

Wendy said...

I saw your comment on another blog about Bread Outlit stores. I live north of Atlanta and I thought I would ask you where the store you mentioned is located/called.