Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ten Minute Fix

Never one to do today what could wait until tomorrow, I've been putting off my mantel all week. Seriously. On Sunday nights, I sit down with my little notebook, and I write out all the things I want to get accomplished that week.

Don't get excited.

Included on this list are such high and mighty goals as vacuum and wash clothes. Ya'll. It's stuff that absolutely has to get done.

But, I usually include one or two extras. The stuff that makes it nicer to live in your house. This week, I was inspired by The Nester to tackle one of those spots that just wasn't making me love my house. The mantle.

So, in true to Betsy form, I completed this task on Sunday afternoon. Just in time to cross it off the list. The list that's been hanging around for 7 days.

Ah, in school, I used to say that I worked better under pressure. We'll just call the threat of the mantle going to next week's list all the pressure I needed.

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