Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun discoveries this week

Having a Korean market near a huge Latino population makes for really interesting food finds. Like this Fresca made with sugar from El Salvador.
And this (3 pound!) bag of red pepper powder that they were giving away at the exit. Off to google what exactly to make with three pounds of red pepper.
Cheerios are really fun. Especially if it's the first food that anyone has let you pick up and feed yourself.
Living in a climate that allows for 4 inches of snow on Monday and 70 degree weather on Friday? Awesome.

If you take this little boy (who has an great sense of style, by the way) to Sonic Saturday night for ice cream after pajamas are on and a little brother is in bed, then that little boy will talk about that adventure all.week.long. And he won't care a whit that the darn Bruster's wouldn't honor their "free ice cream if you wear pajamas" promotion or that you cheaped out and only bought him the Sonic $1 ice cream. Cause it's not about all the things that grown ups find important.

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Anonymous said...

you have the most adorable boys in the world..