Friday, March 20, 2009

Silver Linings

Last weekend, we both wanted something good to eat. We had a bag of Ruffles in the pantry, plus sour cream. But, no dried onion dip. One of us had suggested the dip, and oh, did it sound good. Trouble? It was raining. And anyone that knows me knows that I hate to get out in the rain. Call it childhood hang-ups, call it silliness, but if I can avoid going out in the rain, I do.

So, we were definitely in a quandry. Until I remembered an old episode of The Barefood Contessa that featured this recipe.

It starts with caramelized onions.

And, it ends up in this bowl of heaven.

So much better than the dried stuff in the package. Worlds better. Definitely worth repeating. And a silver lining to being so silly that I wouldn't drive to the store in the rain.

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