Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Publix Bargain Meal March 12-March 18


We don't eat that many packaged meals at my house. It started with my picky husband. Well, he's not that picky. But, he hates Hamburger Helper. He groans at the thought of those yellow rice in a tube dealies (one of my staples pre-marriage). He complains, he fusses. You've been there. *wink*

So, I started cooking differently when we got married. More from scratch, less from a box. And, then, I started to like it. And, now, when I see the prices for packaged foods, I gasp. LOL. So, like so many parts of our marriage, we've grown together, and we've become more of one, liking the same things.


SeaPak frozen seafood. I love the stuff. Mike tolerates it, which is good enough for me, because it's so.darn.easy. This is really great stuff. Easy, easy, easy. And tasty, too. We enjoy the crab cakes (these are the best thing they make--even Mikey likes them), the salmon, the tilapia, the shrimp scampi (try it over grits for easy shrimp and grits), and these fabulous crispy light shrimp (light in the way it feels on your tongue, not in the way it lands on your hips). And, oh, my mama says that the salmon burgers are good, but my local store doesn't carry them.

So, this week's bargain meal is a very easy one. Popcorn shrimp, cocktail sauce, and slaw.

SeaPak frozen popcorn shrimp (one package easily serves 4)--on sale--$3.80
cabbage--on sale $0.19/lb--$0.50

Total cost--$4.80

This meal is also good with biscuits and/or baked potatoes. If you use one of the coupons on the Sea Pak website , you'll be able to add those in without going over the $5 limit.

And for more fabulous bargain meals, ripped right out of your grocery store's sales flyer, check out $5 Dinners, and the great collection of bloggers and ideas.


tammy said...

I am the same way with a lot of packaged foods now. I just look at the picture and the ingredients and then figure I can make something like that at home cheaper and healthier. I don't think I've ever tried SeaPak frozen seafood, though.

Anonymous said...

ROFL we had the crab cakes for supper tonight..crab cake sandwiches. pretty good and easy! love that Publix sale. you know this is from your mama

tammy said...

Hey there...I thought of you when I read this post at this blog. Does that sound like fun or what? You might want to share it with your moms group. ;) Oh...and her description of herself as a child entering all the 4H contests cuz she couldn't decide also made me think of you and the fair. (but we's all about the ribbons!) LOL