Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kroger Bargain Meal March 8- March 14


It's time for the Bargain Meal of the Week from Kroger. I love all the ideas found over at $5 Dinners. Great ideas, great women, and you should check it out!

Do you love gumbo at your house? We love the stuff. I almost always serve it with rice, but my mom recently admitted that she likes it with potato salad. Huh? Evidently, a local Louisiana restaurant (that is no more) used to serve it like that, and she likes it. This intrigues me enough that I'm considering trying it. Soon. But not today. I'll let you know if I muster up the courage.

I don't really use a recipe for my gumbo. It is one of those "by feel" meals. But, oh so good on a rainy day. I love okra in mine, and my sweet husband loves file, so I compromise and make it file every other time. I most often make sausage and chicken cause, well, cause it's cheap. Just bein' honest.

1/2 pound sausage--on sale 1 lb/$2.50--$1.25
1/2 pound chicken--boneless breasts on sale 1 lb/$1.99--$1
frozen seasoning blend--on sale 10/$10-$1
1/2 cup oil--$0.20
1/2 cup flour--$0.05
cajun seasoning--pennies
chicken broth--free
okra--on sale 10/$10--$1
1 cup white rice (I'm not brave enough for potatoes yet)--$0.30

Total cost--$4.80

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Sherrie said...

I have been introduced to gumbo from some friends I met that are natives of Louisiana. They serve it with rice and have the potato salad along with it as well. So you get both the rice and the potato salad that way. She does just a very simple potato salad with only the potatoes, eggs, some salt and mayo. It seems to work just right with the spiciness of the gumbo.