Monday, March 16, 2009

Kroger Bargain Meal March 15- March 21


We eat a lot of chicken at my house. It's not even my favorite. It just happens that way. My favorite cut of chicken is boneless thighs, but they are rarely on sale (such a shame!), and so, most often, we make do with bone-in chicken breasts. They aren't bad for not being my favorite. Not only do I end up with meat for whatever meal I am serving, but the bones and skin turn into broth for all sorts of stuff. A lagniappe, if you will. And everyone loves lagniappe.

This week's bargain meal makes use of those bone-in breasts for chicken and dressing. There are those rare folks out there that don't like dressing (hello Bryan!), but for the majority of the world, getting to having dressing on a non-Thanksgiving regular ole' Monday night is quite the treat. Yum! Dressing is also really economical for us. Not only is the broth free, but I always save (in the freezer) that last piece of cornbread until I have enough for dressing. So, the cornbread is essentially free, too.

For this meal, I mix roasted chicken in with the dressing. Sometimes, I make the dressing plain, and I serve roasted chicken on the side. You end up eating more chicken when it's on the side, but both ways are equally good.

Cornbread (I make using self rising cornmeal, egg, milk, and oil)--$0.58
eggs(2)--on sale $1.19/dozen--$0.20
chicken--on sale $0.99/lb--$0.99
Serve with:
gravy--made with chicken broth, flour, and fat from roasting chicken--$0.10
cranberry sauce--$1
cabbage--on sale $0.37/lb--$0.50

Total cost--$3.87

Not only is $5 Dinners where you'll find all the latest and greatest bargain meal ideas, but this week, Erin is hosting Menu Plan Monday. So much to read! So little time to do it! Check it out! Right now! Go! Go! Go!

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